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Most adults tend to hide their age due to vanity or because of their low self-esteem that seems to dwindle as they grow older. Hello, growing old is inevitable. You can hide your age, but you definitely cannot hide from death! It is just a matter of time in how much you can hide your real age. On the other hand, youngsters or teenagers have the tendency to fake their age in order to gain access to where they are not supposed to go. Sometimes, it is out of curiosity while others are just too eager to be an adult.

Knowing this did not make me any less dumbfounded when I bumped into an old classmate who was indeed using a fake birth certificate. We happened to be standing in line at the bank that day. I was about to withdraw some money from my account and he was going to open an account at the bank.
He was my classmate back in our school days and that should make him approximately the same age as me, right? But when I overheard the counter staff repeated his birth date, my jaw almost dropped to the floor. How can he be 5 years younger than me? That’s impossible unless he’s some kind of prodigy or genius which of course I know he’s not. I can still remember our class teacher was always reprimanding him about his grades after every examination. I could see him blushed with embarrassment when he noticed that I had overheard the counter staff as well as seen the shock written all over my face. After his transaction was done, I was surprised that he had waited for mine to be completed. Then he invited me for coffee which I accepted instantly even though I had another place to go. I somehow sensed that he wanted to explain himself and I was personally as curious as a cat!
We caught up on many things over the past three decades and finally he came to the topic that I was eagerly waiting for. He explained to me that he had lost all his personal documents during a fire at his home some years back. Getting these documents replaced took ages until he found out about the possibility of buying a replica birth certificate, fake passport and fake degree which took no longer than a week. Since he can dictate whatever details he preferred on the certificate, passport and degree, he might as well tweak them to his advantage. So, the whole story is now out in the open.
Subsequently he even told me that he had managed to climb the corporate ladder to become the CEO of his current company using the fake degree. He’s living comfortably now in a company maintained high-end condominium plus a chauffeured driven company-owned 7-series BMW and enjoys a company paid annual holiday overseas.


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